An 8 week sacred journey to heal your heart, free yourself from deep emotional pain, to discover your soul medicine & reconnect with your purpose to activate your dreams.

You’ll release the fear of aloneness to awaken your desire for freedom, as you step powerfully into the woman who chooses herself & her destiny.

A powerful fusion of kinesiology, emotional embodiment & psychology principles are used on this heart & soul journey to create a new way of being.

During this global shift, the only thing you can be certain of is you! Your ability to meet yourself, will open up new possibilities to you & your family, forever.

Reconnect & earth your soulful self through the eyes & hearts of these 7 healing archetypes.

The Woman Within Heart Healing Archetypes are hold the key to unlocking your heart so you can heal from your past, transform your darkness into your brightest light & unleash the confident, connected, fun loving woman within you.

The Archetypes mission is to eradicate aloneness by guiding us back home to our hearts, to love, to truth and back to oneness – this is where we find our belonging & create a new way of being.

This is for you Divine Woman, IF…

TWWJ IS FOR WOMEN – walking their soul path of knowing, loving & being themselves!

Changemakers, Coaches, Visionaries, Healers, Health Professionals, Practitioners, Mothers, Soul Seekers.

It’s time to open our hearts, rise beyond the pain & be the change we wish to see in the world


The struggle, confusion, overthinking & surviving, by doing it all alone.

Feeling lost, alone, disconnected from your truth, heart & the world.

Being in a constant state of fear, anxiety & overwhelm about the state of the world right now.


FREEDOM taking your masks off & letting go of the past & the emotions that weigh you down, so you can show up as you.

WHOLE & CONNECTED – healing your heart, to create a feeling of oneness.



Admit that you have pain in your heart, you are willing to let go of the stories & open to learning what your unique superpowers and gifts are.  Because they are so needed in the world right now.

You’re ready to trust your intuition. You’re ready to let the walls of your heart down. You’re oh so ready to make a difference in this world.

Now Is The Time To Open Your Heart
& Earth Your Soul.


  • To never have to wake up or cry yourself to sleep feeling the heart ache of aloneness again. 
  • Activate the knowing in every cell of your body you are worthy & deserving of the love & relationships you desire.                                                                                                              
  • Being able to shift out of your head & into your heart, just as easy as turning on a light.  With this key, the days of overthinking, over analysing & self-sabotage is a thing of the past. 
  • Connect with your intuition & be empowered to open the gateway to your soul purpose, to make a difference in this world.                                                                                                                                                          
  • To  accept & love all of who you are, all parts of your journey to opening the gateway for others to accept & love all of you too.  Release toxic wounds that have kept you stuck in the same patterns by loving your shadow self. 

The Woman Within Journey

Reconnect with your intuition, activate your innate healing powers & align to your soul purpose.

(Without going down the rabbit hole of struggle, without losing yourself & without falling apart emotionally!)

We will fill your toolbox & teach you how to come home to the ocean of love within you. .

+ BECOMING – Knowing exactly what you need, want & desire to create a new way of being.

+ EMOTIONS – how to understand, navigate & release your emotions to find your flow & know your worth.

+ EMBODIMENT – how to heal old wounds & generational patterns by shifting out of your head & into your heart.

+ ACTIVATION – of the archetypes & their innate healing powers so you can stop searching outside yourself for the answers & find your hearts’ medicine within.

+ EMPOWERMENT – How to shift from fearful & anxious to calm & clarity so you can make powerful decisions for yourself & your family at this time.

+ ENERGY MEDICINE – moving beyond what you see & feel, into the truth that lies in your subconscious to open the gateway of possibilities & purpose.

The 5 Pillars Of The Woman Within Journey


+   Connect with your intuition & learn how to confidently make decisions in alignment with your soul.

+   Release generational patterns that keep playing out in your life & the lives of your children.

+   Emotional mastery through unravelling your stories, releasing the energetics to free yourself from the pain attached.

+    Master your body & your energy & create a new way of being.

+   Activate your ability to receive on ALL levels.

+   Reclaim your power, your voice & expand into the possibilities of your desires.

+   Release and clear the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, small & disconnected.

 +   Heal and transform yourself at cellular level (without losing yourself & being overwhelmed in your emotions).

+   Connect with other heart awakening women who are on the same journey as you.  


Are you ready to choose your heart
& claim your birthright of love, purpose & freedom?

Program Includes


This is an experiential learning journey, where you are fully supported to activate & integrate your own truth & discover your heart healing medicine.

TWWJ is NOT just another online self-help program or book to read, it is an experience.

Each week you will receive an email, which opens each of the 7 self-paced modules.

Each module includes a 15min video, a 30min visualisation process & a PDF Journey Guidebook.

Each week we gather on zoom for teachings & activations of each archetype.


+ Create a spiritual space & daily practice
+ Learn your unique ways to connect with your intuition
+ Experience what taking responsibility for your well-being.
+ Learn how our energy within reflects in our outer world.

Powerful Visualisation Process to connect to universal energies.


+ Learn what it means to shift from head to heart
+ How to use vulnerability as your superpower
+ Learn the #1 reason we fear opening our hearts..
+ Experience the freedom of navigating & processing your emotions

Powerful visualisation process of cutting the chords to create space.


+ Exploration of fears & resistance to change
+ How to use the body to find & dissolve your fears.
+ Discover how to turn anger, rage & frustration into creation.
+ Meet & make friends with your saboteur.

Powerful visualisation process to let go control & surrender


+ Discover how to identify & upgrade your belief systems.
+ Reconnecting with your Inner Child to activate authenticity.
+ Learn a 4 step process to make decisions with ease & confidence
+ How to turn failures into soul lessons & explore what success really looks like for you

Powerful visualisation process to take off your masks & let your authentic shine.


+ Learn how to find & flow in your soul rhythm, through discovering your peace within.
+ Experience expressing & owning your story
+ Explore the masculine & feminine qualities within
+ Learn how to speak your truth even when your voice shakes.

Visualisation process to balance your emotions within.


+ Explore your unique gifts & how to share them in the world.
+ Learn what your soul medicine is to heal, transform & create.
+ Find your magic in the unknown.
+ Experience the magic of trusting the path of your soul

Visualisation process to activate generational healing & receive guidance.


+ Learn why pleasure & fun is a manifesting magnet.
+ Creating the energy desires from within.                       
+ Experience what it feels like to be seen & heard.
+ Rebirth your soul & her superpowers.

Visualisation Process to activate & unleash your receiving superpowers.

You Will Receive…

Lifetime access to membership site.

+ 7 x Weekly Modules to Guide you on our private membership site (Value -$2097).
+ 7 x Pre-recorded Sacred Circles, with Megan (Value – $2000)
+ 7 x Weekly Archetype activations. (Value $500).

+ 7 x Weekly Live Question & Answers (Value $700)
+ Access TWWJ Private Facebook Group for support, guidance and community to share your journey with (Value – $500).
+ A powerful integration process that will guide you through your own awakening, to connect to your soul to heal, transform and create, not taught anywhere else in the world (priceless)

Total Value – $5097!


+ PDF Archetype Healing Cards & Guidebook for you to print and use at home.

+ Guided Heart Healing Meditation.

+ Create Your Own Soul Vision workbook to open the gateway of your souls purpose.

Let’s connect in a sacred space to open to possibilities of love,
leadership & the divine, during these times.



1 x 60min Treatment.



$111 x 5 weekly


$188 x 3 fortnightly

Meet Megan – TWWJ Creatress & Heart Alchemist

Megan Johnston is the Creatress of The Woman Within Journey, a leading energy & soul medicine practitioner & heart alchemist, who helps women remember their worth, own their journey and claim their birthright of love, freedom & purpose.

Megan believes that we have a ancient wisdom within our hearts & as we journey to the depths of our soul we find our medicine, magic and our purpose. Her mission is to empower woman to choose themselves & become the Creatress of their own lives by walking the path of knowing, loving and being themselves.

The Woman Within Journey works with women as they awaken their hearts, and souls and choose themselves to make a real difference in within themselves, their families & this world.

We currently are in potent times of change worldwide and this is our invitation from mother nature to earth our soulful self and create a new way of being.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

When does the Program start?
As soon as you join you will receive access to our Private Members Area & activities to prepare you for the journey. You will be invited to join a private facebook group & will receive access to Module 1 once your registration is complete.

Modules are released every 1 week thereafter for a total of 8 weeks. The program will finish 8 weeks after your date of enrolment, but you’ll retain access to all the program content for & private Facebook community for life!

What if I feel a bit anxious?
It’s totally normal to feel a little anxious, when embarking on a new journey. It takes courage to take a leap of faith & say YES to move into the directions of our dreams. Please TRUST that this fear is just a sign you’re moving out of your comfort zone and CLEARING a space to grow and become who you really are destined to be.
Do I get 1:1 access to you?
I guarantee I will be active in our Private FB Group & available via email. I will show up with an open heart and as my authentic self. There is a bonus 1:1 personalised Heart Alchemy treatment for those that pay in full and are ready to DIVE DEEP & desire to further empower your journey. If my schedule allows I will offer 1:1 treatments opportunities through our FB group. Heart Alchemy Treatments are a combination of kinesiology, energy medicine, embodiment & psychology.
Is there any Emotional Support?
YES of course. There is a private facebook group for all of us to share our experiences and I am active in this group offering support & as will your soul sisters that are on the same journey of HEART AND SOUL as you. There will be weekly opportunities to ask questions & explore further.
I am struggling with having enough time?
I acknowledge the preciousness of our time, and also acknowledge that we are rewarded by the universe when we can create time to choose ourselves.

The program takes 1-2 hours/week. Many women work through the program & finish it in 8-weeks, while others take their own time/pace and integrate the teachings over a longer period (which also has effective results).

You will also have LIFETIME access to the modules & community, so it’s 100% flexible to fit your life. There will be discounted opportunities for a live round once per year.

We are a community who are all in – for ourselves & for our desires. But this isn’t a try & see if you want to buy kind of experience.

How is the program delivered each week?

Each week a new module will be released for you to work through at your own pace.

 Each module consists of:

  1.   Video (20mins max),
  2.   Audio – Energetic Meditation Process (35mins max) and a
  3.   Journey Guidebook (1 hour). 

As well as live Q & A  to support your journey. 

How is this different to other online programs I’ve done before?

This program is an experience, not just a teaching.  It is an infusion of psychology principles, energy medicine and embodiment practices.  It is a unique inner journey, an experience of the heart and soul.  It is about your wisdom, getting comfortable in your body (& emotions) and knowing your truth.  It is practical learning, grounded and will equip you with all the tools you need to make life long changes.

Will the program have the same results without the individual Treatments?

The program is designed as a stand alone process.  The concept of including the Heart Alchemy treatments is to dive deeper into your own personal journey to fast track the results.  As my schedule allows I will offer 1:1 treatments via the private FB Group.

Will you show me how to implement the practices, tools & techniques you use?

YES! Absolutely. This course isn’t just about discussing concepts – it’s about creating real, tangible. transformational change within you.  My signature process is powerful & each week we will align to the path of our soul & what we desire.

I am struggling with justifying this investment?

While I acknowledge the stretch, I also acknowledge that investing  in yourself is the single greatest investment you will ever make, for you and your family.  Committing & investing is one of the 5 Pillars of TWWJ as it is part of our transformational energetic exchange.

If you want something to change, you have to shift your energy, and it all starts with choosing yourself. You are here because staying exactly where you are right now, is costing you a lot more than the investment of this program. Staying put is costing you, your happiness, your confidence and the deep love and connection you are being called too.  You are destined for love – and it already exists within you – if you choose to unleash it.

What is your refund policy?

We understand you may be nervous & want the assurance of a refund. So please know I AM committed to delivering the highest quality content AND most intimate support.  I will do everything in my power to make this a profound journey for you. And  I know from our 80+ past participants that this program delivers exactly what it promises.

Please consider carefully your capacity to commit to this program before purchasing.  It is for woman who are READY to make a change by committing and investing in themselves.

I believe in the self-responsibility and commitment of our heart & soul. So if you make the commitment to join us – please make it with the full knowing of your heart. 

Therefore, I do not offer refunds or cancellation of payment plans.

However, In the case of extenuating circumstances, you can absolutely be in touch to request a refund or arrange a suitable payment plan.

Still have questions?

We’d LOVE to help.

Chat with us via the button below or email

Or  & we’ll be back to you ASAP.

Are you ready to choose your heart? 

AND rediscover the happy, confident & soulful woman you know you really are & connect
with what your heart truly desires & rewrite your own love story.