& EMBODY YOUR Superpowers

Deep Within our hearts there is a story written from our soulful woman within that will transform your life.

Your heart is your most powerful organ for healing and transformation, and you my love, have the power to connect with it to unravel your unique story to open the gateway to your soul purpose.

There are 7 soulful woman archetypes within all of us, that are present to help us return to our natural state of authentic love. At different life stages, we will relate to the different archetypes and their superpowers. Your Soulful Woman Within will support you on a journey to take off your masks, open your heart and rediscover the truth of who you really are.

She will assist you to navigate you through your fears, limiting beliefs and barriers that are holding you back from claiming your birthright of love, freedom and purpose.

Soulful Woman Archetype Quiz


A beautiful 11 page PDF Guide on your lead heart healing archetype. Guide full of wisdom from your unique SOULFUL WOMAN WITHIN archetype to support you on your life journey. Her characteristics, her dark & light qualities, her fears, her lessons and her superpower strategies for healing. BONUS – Prayer to activate your archetype.