Heart Healing Archetypes


The Woman Within Heart Healing Archetypes are here to support you to open, heal, transform and create the best version of yourself and your life.

Who are the Woman Within, Archetypes?

The Archetypes, simply represent the depth of different aspects of our true self.

They are here to guide you on the path of deeply knowing, loving & being YOU.

 (The light, the shadow, the feminine, the masculine, the challenges, fears we face and the lessons that we are destined to learn).


The Woman Within Archetypes assist us to not feel so alone in our becoming and awakening process.  The guide us to understanding and become ourselves and how to find our belonging in this world. They connect us back to our intuition, our hearts and our gifts so we can reclaim ALL aspects of ourselves to receive what we truly desire.

They are for everyday women, who desires to learn + grow through deeply understanding themselves, accepting their journey and opening to love. 

As an everyday woman, (the mother, teacher, nurse, carer, therapist, counsellor, health professional, admin assistance).  It comes so natural to give all that you have, to all that you do and all those you care for. 

This is your invitation to fill your own cup and unleash your superpowers that can change your life, that of your families and your clients.  You are here to make a difference and you can do so – just by being you.

          You simply need to want to feel inspired to walk the path of knowing, loving + being yourself.

The Woman Within Journey (TWWJ), simply refers to the journey back to the truth of who you really are.”  

When we honour, our Soulful Woman Within, we come face to face with who we really are.  It’s here we realise the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything, but unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.

When we feel connected to our Soulful Woman Within we are filled with love, gratitude, support and have access to all the guidance we seek.  We know within our heart we have all the passion, purpose, pleasure waiting to be unleashed.

When we feel disconnected to our Soulful woman within we tend to feel lost, alone, sad, confused, overwhelmed and look outside of ourselves for the love, freedom, purpose that we truly desire.

Your Soulful Woman Within is more powerful than you can comprehend.    She is timeless, endless and is always waiting for you to reconnect and unleash her out into this world.  And she is always leading you to something far greater than you can even imagine!! 

All you have to do is BELIEVE IN HER EXISTANCE WITHIN YOU and TRUST that she is always leading you to something far greater than you can imagine (even if it doesn’t feel like it).

Trust that you have all the answers you seek within you. 

The higher purpose of the Heart Healing Archetypes

& how they support you.


The Archetypes higher purposes is to teach women the art of choosing themselves.  It’s not selfish.  It’s not impossible.  It’s a necessity, to receiving what you truly desire.  When you choose your own healing and light you are also choosing this for your family too.  So let’s start right here, right now!


The journey of becoming and awakening can feel like a very alone journey, that no one understands us or what we are going through, and magic of these archetypes is that we never have to feel alone on our journey again!

CONNECT TO YOUR INTUITION to awaken who you really are.   

Our intuition speaks to us in different ways, learn your way and learn to use your body to decipher your truth. You know you have it, but do you listen to it and take action accordingly?  During the unfolding of this journey within you will learn how YOUR intuition speaks to you and HOW to find your answers within.


Challenges are all part of this crazy journey we call life.  The key to transforming them is to not only be aware of them but to truly understand, accept and know how to get to the core of them.  It is in these darkest parts of ourselves where the magic of transformation lies. 


Deep within your heart is an ocean of love waiting to be unleashed and shared with the world.  Learning to open our hearts and feel our emotions, processing them in our bodies and loving our darkness just as much as our light is the fullness of self love.  Claiming our birthright of choosing and being chosen in love.


When we choose to walk the path of knowing, loving and being ourselves, we are healing our pain, transforming our patterns and becoming who we truly are.  When we feel safe and free to be ourselves we realise we have all the wisdom, gifts and courage to open and step through the gateway to soul purpose.

WHILE WE HAVE ALL THE ArCHETYPES WITHIN US, YOUR LEAD WOMAN WITHIN IS THE ARCHETYPE THAT WILL support you best, with exactly where you are at, in this very moment.  

Your Lead Woman Within Archetype

She is the one that will guide you to the answers you are currently seeking within.  You’ll know this as a feeling of connection to her story, her challenges, her fears and her soul lessons.  You will feel seen, heard and felt on a deep level.

For example:  if it anxiety you feel and confidence you seek The Empowered Woman Within or if you are overwhelmed by your emotions of heartbreak it is the Goddess who will lead the way.


If you are curious about your archetype, you can  discover your Woman Within Archetype here.

 If you are curious about actually embodying your woman within, you can purchase the self-healing kit here:

 If you are curious about ALL the archetypes you can discover more in my fully supported 8 week online program The Woman Within Journey.

Our children need to know their dreams are possible.  Our children need us to take responsibility for our own healing, becoming and awakening.  By doing our own “inner work” we can heal ourselves, our families and our planet.  This is HOW we ALL CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Who they are for:



TWWJ is for everyday soulful women

Women desiring to rediscover, reconnect & unleash your SOULFUL woman within.


Mumma’s, Teachers, Nurses, Healers, Coaches, Massage Therapists, Counsellors, Health practitioners wanting to dive deeper & learn some practical healing techniques, to use on your soul clients.


Mother’s who desires to connect & heal on a new level with herself, her partner & her children.

(the woman that holds it all together for everyone else, the woman who doesn’t ask for much, but who deep down desires more support, love, connection, understanding and believe in herself the mother, carer, teacher, nurse, social worker, practitioner, admin assistance – )


Are you a woman with a big and sensitive heart that put’s everyone else’s needs first?


Are you stuck at a crossroads in your life?


Do you feel alone, unhappy and overwhelmed by your emotions?


Have you forgotten to choose yourself?


Do you have more to offer into this world? 


Do you desire to feel like the happy, confident and soulful woman that you once were?


Feeling lost, alone or stuck the crossroads…  It’s time to remember who you truly are who has forgotten her magic + wisdom within…


These feelings, mean you are on the verge of a new version of yourself.

Lost is a calling for connection to self

Alone is a calling to find your belonging

Stuck is a calling to find your flow and your magic

The crossroads is a calling to take a leap of faith into your “becoming”

And the choice is yours! 


I believe if you think you have a soul purpose you do!  And TWWJ is the place to open that gateway and awaken to your dreams, fulfillment and purpose.