Welcome Beautiful Soul Seeker,

Thank you for choosing you and taking this heart and soul journey within to rediscover the soulful woman within you.

I am so excited to be sharing the true work of my heart and soul with every single one of you, courageous soul seeking women.

Together we are going to journey within the depths of our heart & soul to unleash the Soulful Woman Within you.

Your course modules will become available to you on a weekly basis. The first week is a welcome week so you can have time to connect with your soul sisters joining you on this journey + get familiar with the Choose You energy Process. There will be an integration week between week 4-5, here you will receive no new content to give you a chance to catch up and integrate what you have already learnt. You will receive an email to inform you when each new module becomes available, along with a reminder email for our weekly live facebook circles and Q+A, which you can listen to live or via a recording. You have received lifetime access to this program as a special offer to thank you for being part of this journey with me.

Just by logging in here, you are sending the Universe a clear message that you are committed to you are ready to Choose You and fully show up in your life. The more you show up the more profound your outcomes will be.

You undoubtedly deserve all that your big heart truly desires!

Trust in the path of your soul and that you have connected here for a reason.
Remember heart healing is a process, there are so many different emotional layers to ourselves, but let’s choose to go gently and have some fun with the process as well.


Let to the journey within begin!

Oceans of Love
Megan xx